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Professional Association of Robotics, Automation and Innovation

Our services

  • Research and bespoke projects – researching multiple aspects of consumer and industrial robotics as well as technology policies.
  • Innovation newsletter – delivering insights into the latest trends, inventions and models penetrating the market. 
  • Partnerships – acting as a gateway to a professional network spanning across multiple countries and continents. 
  • Events and workshops 
  • Feasibility studies

Research and bespoke projects:

Researching multiple aspects of consumer and industrial robotics as well as technology policies. In every project, we aim to uncover key driving forces, innovative capacity, KPIs, technologies used and competitive advantages.

Innovation newsletter:

Insights into the newest industry trends, inventions and solutions penetrating the market.


Via our partnerships with companies, contractors, NGOs and research institutions, we strive to find any necessary partners of our members – testers of the company’s technology, potential customers, suppliers or technology transfer partners.

Feasibility studies:

We evaluate a project’s feasibility for different robotic and automation solutions in different locations or industrial zones. Our analytics cover aspects such as conceptualization, standardization, robotics operating systems, cloud robotics platforms, opensource robotics projects, tools for rapid prototyping and testing, innovative business models (robot rental, platform, RaaS, etc.) as well as local investment and R&D incentives to support any project.

Events and workshops:

Apart from organising events with our members and partners, we aim to prove our members with interesting webinars, seminars and additional events. Sharing know-how and ideas from the best innovators is always a priority for us.

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Manage every partnership with ethics and high morale

Gateway for international contacts

Connect robotic companies

Apply the highest standards in robotics and automation

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